Police Training Officer (PTO) Program

Welcome to the HooveHGR logo newr Group of Reno, the original founders of the Reno Model PTO Program.  The Hoover Group offers consulting and training in organizational change, police training, and leadership.  Our flagship training program is the Reno Model PTO Program.  If you wish to offer training in the PTO Program, contact us for details (also, see below on this page regarding offering training).

The Reno Model is the latest modification of the Police Training Officer (PTO) Program that was sponsored by the Department of Justice COPS Office.   Jerry Hoover led the international group of police experts that developed and implemented the original PTO concept.

Since then, the Hoover Group of Reno has provided training to several hundred agencies throughout the United States and New Zealand on the Reno Model.  Feedback from the participants in these seminars was used to modify the PTO Program so that it maintained a state-of-the-art status.

Venn.hoovergroup (2)Awards/Recommendations

The President’s Task Force for 21st Century Policing recommends the PTO program as an example of a 21st Century industry standard for field training (see full citation on this page to the right).

The original PTO Program received the COPS Office Award for Most Innovative Practice.

The Reno Model also received the Pat Summerall Champions of Industry Award for Progressive Industry Practices.

The Reno Model has been featured on CNN, the Travel Channel, and in several college-level text books.  Also, several articles have been written about the PTO Program.

The Rand Corporation recommended that the Los Angeles Police Department consider adopting a field training program such as the Reno Model in their study of the Department’s problems.

Sage Publications has produced the Encyclopedia of Community Policing and Problem-Solving (Ken Peak, Editor), which includes a section on the PTO Program.  Two other sections are included on the Chief Executive Role in COP and the Mid-Manager Role in COP written by Jerry Hoover.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Click on the link (FAQs) to see some of the more common questions that are asked about the PTO Program.

Hosting a Training Seminar

Please contact us for specific details and costs.  Typically the host agency contracts with the Hoover Group to offer the training.  In this case, the host agency covers the costs of the program and provides the training site, A/V equipment, and manuals/handouts.  The host may then ‘sell’ the extra seats to cover the costs.  In some cases, the host has covered all costs of the program by doing this.

In addition to the courses we offer, we can design or modify training programs specific to an agency’s needs.

PTO Software

MdE, Inc. has designed software to be used specifically with the PTO training model.  Please take a look at their site if you are interested in automating your PTO program.  We are not connected to MdE, Inc., however, we have worked with them in the past on other projects and appreciate their support of the Reno Model PTO Program.

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