Another group claims to be the developers of the PTO Program. What’s up?

I know the site people are referring to. I am saddened by the way the site claims that they were “the developers” of the PTO program. They were hired by me to write the manual months after the original team developed the major elements of the program. They did a good job with the manual and they added a training perspective with problem-based learning that was very important. So, in fact, they were part of the team that developed the program, but hardly did it by themselves, which is what the statement on their site appears to say. It also says they have the only revision to the original PTO program since its inception. This is not the case as the Reno Model is the first revision of the original model, which occurred within a year of submitting the program to the COPS Office. I don’t think they are trying to mislead people intentionally, as their statement about the history of the program, found in another area on their site, is fairly accurate.

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