South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Department
“The transition from a training model for a traditional police agency to a plan specific to the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department went very smoothly. …we are confident that the Reno Model has given us the tools to help accomplish our training goals. Thank you.”
Bob Brown, Training Program Manager

Greenwood Village (CO) Police Department
“Our organization also instituted the tenants of a “Learning Organization” which also help impact the necessity to transition our hiring and training system. With a great deal of research our organization chose the Reno PTO program for several reasons. First the PTO program met our needs for building the foundations of problem solving and community policing. Secondly, it provided a framework for adult learning and increased the overall training experience. Finally, the Reno PTO program is flexible and allowed the Greenwood Village Police Department to develop the training program around our agency specific needs. Additionally, Jerry Hoover and his staff have been available to us for any need. We have implemented the Reno PTO program and have reaped significant rewards in the skills and ability level of officer released to solo patrol. The PTO program has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality training.”
Sergeant Joe Harvey

Carol Stream (IL) Police Department
“Since its inception, we have had the opportunity to train several officers under the model. I am very pleased with the model. It allows our training officers to concentrate more on teaching the necessary skills to trainees as opposed to concentrating on evaluating their performance. The model also provides an excellent foundation for problem-based policing. These officers have an excellent grasp on problem solving and are better problem solvers because of the model. Some of our Police Training Officers have commented that on reason they like the Reno Model is that it allows them to focus more on mentoring, coaching, and teaching the trainee instead of evaluating them. I would highly recommend the Reno Model to any police executing that wishes to move their department field training program toward today’s style of policing.
Sergeant Kevin Orr

Rapid City (SD) Police Department
“The Reno Post Academy Training Program prepares our officers for a successful career, whereas, our former training program prepared them for the job. The training program inspires critical thinking, problem solving, and relationship skills which produces a mature officer with a better sense of community. The demands on law enforcement today is greater than it has ever been. New officers need a high degree of emotional intelligence, and the ability to multi-task to achieve success, the Reno Post Academy Training Program will give them that foundation. The (Hoover Group of Reno) training staff is committed to the professional development of law enforcement officers. They not only provided training to our staff, but, they continue to provide support for our program.
Lieutenant Peter Ragnone

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